The prevalence of violence among female health

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Joint Program Of family and Community medicine Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The prevalence of violence among female health
Worker of Jeddah General MOH Hospital in 2010

Dr. Hala Hatim Alnoaman , MBBS
Family Medicine Resident
Dr.Yahya Makhdoom
Consultant family& Community medicine
Joint Program Of family& Community medicine, Jeddah
Statistical Advisor
Dr.Adel Ibrahim
Biostatistics Dpt,PHC,Jeddah
A research submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Saudi Board in Family Medicine


This is a community-based cross-sectional study where the prevalence of domestic violence and its associated factors were determined.
The aim of the study was to determine prevalence and epidemiology of domestic violence among female health worker of general MOH hospital in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A self-administered questionnaire was the tool of the study. Simple random sampling technique was used to select female health workers include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, lab-technicians from 3 general MOH hospitals were participated in the study.
The prevalence of violence was 45.3% among female health workers of general MOH hospitals.
The Saudi nationality, divorce, higher monthly income , supporting their families financially, sharing their partners in the children expenditure and polygamy were found to be associated with domestic violence.
A although our study concluded that domestic violence was found to be high in the study population and was associated with several factors.


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