Homosexuality and Bisexuality among 4th year

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Joint Program Of family and Community medicine Jeddah

Homosexuality and Bisexuality among 4th year
Female students of the Collage of Education in Jeddah City,2010
Dr.Amaal Al-Bar, MBBS
Family Medicine Resident
Dr.Majed Al Ghamdi
Consultant Community medicine
A research submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Saudi Board in Family Medicine

Background: Sexual behavior differs depending on child or adolescent age and stage of development. Some sexual behavior, however, can be a problem for child/adolescent or for others.
Homosexual or bisexual activity a major health concern. The current study aimed at estimating the prevalence of abnormal sexual behaviors among the females students, factors associated with this abnormal behavior and its consequent morbidities.
A cross-sectional study design was adopted and a multi-stage random sample was carried out to select a sample 400 females from the regular Saudi and non Saudi students in the 4th year of Art section of Girls College of Education in King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah 2010.A pre-designed.
Arabic self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection.
The response rate was 99.5%.
Results and conclusion:
Twenty nine students indicated that they were involved in abnormal sexual behaviors (7.3%),out of them, 4% were bisexual and 3.3% had homosexual relationships. Three quarters (75.7%) of the respondents who had normal sexual relationships think that abnormal sexual behavior is attributed to weak religious bonds compared to only 27.6% of those who had abnormal sexual relationship who had the same view. There is significantly higher prevalence of relevant morbidities among females who had abnormal sexual behaviors represented by vaginal secretion (86.2%), itching (72.4%), dysuria (62.1%) and difficulty on micturition (51.7%).
It was concluded that homosexuality represents a considerable problem among female students and deliberate efforts should be made to identify and mange these problems as early as possible to prevent life long morbidity through health education about these behavior using different media targeting various sectors in general and female in specific.


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