Are Our Children in safe Hands?

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Joint Program Of family and Community medicine Jeddah
?Are Our Children in safe Hands

Evaluating the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice
Of First Aid among
Female Staff of Primary Schools in Jeddah City, 2010
Dr. Shifaa M. Bashir, MBBS
Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Marwan Bakarman, MBBS,FFCM
Consultant family& Community medicine
Statistical Advisor
Dr.Adel Ibrahim , MBBS, MPH
A thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Saudi Board in Family Medicine


Background: primary schools are presumed to be safe havens for students in the pediatric age group.
The presence of a significant number of educators and adult personnel with the children during the day undermines the possibility of occurrence and , consequently, worsening of any health related problems. Since this age group is susceptible to physical injuriesand deterioration of chronic illnesses, primary school staff should be armed with proper knowledge and skills to provide the adequate initial first aid management and therefore prevent possible morbidity or even death. Our study was aimed to evaluate the extent of preparedness of our female primary school staff when faced with emergency cases through assessing their knowledge and practice in first aid management, and through determining their attitude towards first aid training.


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