local studies 2009-06-15
Job satisfaction among PHC physicians of MOH, Jeddah city, KSA, 1998 -0001-11-30
أبحاث عن الرعاية الصحية الأولية بالمملكة 2009-02-07
Diagnosis of Asthma -0001-11-30
Proper weaning 2006-06-22
Prevalence of rickets in children below one year at PHC Center of KFAFH, Jeddah, 2002 2006-06-22
Prevalence of obesity and overweight among Primary School boys in Jeddah 2006-06-22
Prevalence of low back pain among female high school teachers in Jeddah city 2006-06-22
Validity of self-reporting of height and weight and self perception of body size 2006-06-22
Quailty of life among caregivers of asthmatic children 2006-06-22
Quality of life of hypertensive patients 2006-06-22
Quality of refferal letters in Al-Rusaifah PHC Center in Makkah 2006-06-22
Seat belt usage among Saudi Air-Line human resources employees in Jeddah 2006-06-22
Type of feeding practice and its relation with growth for 5 years Saudi children 2006-06-22
Evaluation of upper respiratory tract infection prescribing patterns in the NG, PHC Center, Bahra 2000 2006-06-21
Evaluation of anemia during pregnancy at Rusaifah Family Medicine 2006-06-21
Evaluation of anemia among 9-24 months old children 2006-06-21
Prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder among patients attending PHC in Jeddah 2006-06-21
Minor psychiatric illness among type II at Diabetic Center in Jeddah 2006-06-21