Evidence Based Health Care CD-ROM and Workbook

Evidence Based Health Care CD-ROM and Workbook

The UK Public Health Resource Unit's Critical Appraisal Skills Program has developed a multi-media package which will ensure that all relevant members of staff are able to learn critical appraisal skills at their own pace and to fit in with their busy schedules.


Learn how to find, interpret, appraise and act on all types of evidence - randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, qualitative studies and economic evaluations. 

Whether you are new to Evidence Based Health Care or just want a refresher, over 35 hours of interactive learning at your own pace will take you through from the basics of finding the best evidence to getting the evidence into practice. Take the whole course from start to finish, or use the detailed section maps to go to specific tutorials, videos, and reference material.

Published by Update Software, the multi-media CASP CD-ROM is packed full of

Ø      tutorials, taking you step by step through all the main types of evidence and how to understand and use them

Ø      videos of experts discussing key points in evidence based health care and critical appraisal

Ø      quizzes, to test your knowledge before and after the course

and the Workbook contains additional printed material referred to in the CD-ROM.

http://www.update-software.com/casp where you can complete your order via a secure site.


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